And the Bride Wore… Tights! (And Not Just Any Tights)

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It’s official – hot weather is on its way (at least on this half of the globe). But with wedding planning being what it is there’s no reason to think that there aren’t scads of brides-to-be searching for their winter wedding accessories right this minute. For many, that means cloaks and stoles and muffs, but for a totally awesome few, it means colored tights. And why not? Colored bridal shoes have been delighting brides and guests alike, so maybe it’s time to take things to the next level. I’d love it if bright, funky, patterned tights under wedding dresses became a trend!

bride colored tights wedding dress

bride in colored tights

bride in colored tights 2

colored tights wedding dress

colored tights wedding dress 2

Isn’t that just fab? I’m loving this! I especially love the mustard tights with the green shoes – and a short wedding dress, no less! – and the leopard tights. If you’re thinking of rocking one of these looks, you can match your tights to your wedding colors or just your bridesmaids’ dresses, choose tights that don’t match at all, wear a pattern, or do something entirely different (since most brides still choose long gowns, which means hardly anyone will see your gams until the reception anyway).

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5 Responses to “And the Bride Wore… Tights! (And Not Just Any Tights)”

  1. ChristianeF says:

    So pretty! I love this idea!

  2. Sheryl says:

    Interesting new trend to follow. The look is certainly a departure from the “bridal” ensemble of the past, but it’s another sign of the bride’s signature style and her desire to put her personal fingerprint on her wedding.

  3. Love the bridesmaids in one color and the MOH in another…Such a clever idea!

  4. Blue Penguin says:

    Definitely something different (and as somebody with a winter wedding coming up, am on the lookout for ways not to freeze, too!). However, I am *mystified*… why will guests suddenly get a look at the bride’s legs at the reception? I feel like I’m a goose who’s missing some critical point (but before I rush out for purple tights, figure it’s good to investigate!).

  5. kate says:

    Not quite sure if I’d be bold enough to wear tights under my wedding dress!