Quickie Tip: Choose Bridesmaids You Trust

Your bridesmaids may or may not help you fold wedding programs, assemble favors, address your wedding invitations, shop for your wedding gown, and let you call them at 3 a.m. when you’re thinking of calling off the wedding because you simply cannot stand the way your intended chews. (Seriously, who eats that loudly? *Barf!*)

Some brides-to-be expect the world from their attendants. Others don’t. But no matter which camp you fall into, it pays to choose bridesmaids you trust.

choose bridesmaids you trust

After all, it would do to have bridesmaids who, say, steals all the gift cards at your bridal shower, drinks and dashes at your bachelorette party, “loses” your wedding bands just before the ceremony, or tries to convince your new spouse to get busy in a closet at the reception!

Image via Jerry Yoon Photography (which is freakin’ awesome)

4 Responses to “Quickie Tip: Choose Bridesmaids You Trust”

  1. So true!! It’s important to trust them, but not necessarily overwhelm them 🙂 I think it works both ways.

  2. @ABT Like I always say, you can ask your attendants to do absolutely anything, but they are just as free to say “No way, no how.” Better that brides keep their requests realistic, particularly when it comes to spending money on or devoting time to the wedding.

  3. Melissa says:

    So very true. I wouldn’t choose a bridesmaid because you feel pressured by anyone and always choose friends and family you can trust through the thick and thin of the all the wedding preparations. And yes on the other side of the coin.. don’t expect too much. And say thank you often…

  4. Choosing the right bridesmaid must be from the heart and not from peer pressure–i agree with it. 😀