Simply Perfect

Sometimes more is definitely more, but in certain rare cases sometimes less really is more. There’s this temptation to fill up every inch of space on wedding reception tables with complicated multi-part centerpieces, plate upon plate upon charger, wedding favors, menus, and more. Could that be why this gorgeous table photographed by Devon wedding photographer Rosie Parson so refreshing?

The colored glasses are fantastic! The centerpieces are simple – the wildflower arrangements are natural and pretty, and I love the way the driftwood hearts coordinate with the watering cans. The overall effect is light and airy and just what I’d want to see at an afternoon wedding in the springtime or summer.

wedding reception tablescape

wedding reception tablescapes

wedding reception tablescape 2

To see pics of the glowing bride, the fab setting, and more, visit the original blog post. The venue was The White House in Chillington, and the flowers were done by Emma Vowles.

2 Responses to “Simply Perfect”

  1. ChristianeF says:

    So pretty! Personally, I don’t like when there’s lots of stuff on a table (any table, but especially at a wedding). If there are too many decorations and thingamajigs, there’s no room for important things like food and cameras and the many drink glasses a table full of people will accumulate over the course of an event.

  2. Luigi says:

    Less is always more for me. I’ve always admire simplicity just like how I was impressed with the arrangement and decors. Photographed so nicely.