LOVE/HATE: The ‘Outline of an Areola’ Edition

If the models weren’t gazing soulfully off into the distance, I’m pretty sure we’d all be getting an eyeful. Sheer wedding dresses – well, sheer wedding dress bodices – have been appearing here and there for years, but I’ve never felt fully convinced that brides are actually buying them. I still don’t.

sheer wedding dresses

sheer wedding dress

What I want to know is exactly what you’d wear under one of these that the designer couldn’t have put in there for you? Did she or he leave it sheer to give the bride options? Wear a camisole or a halter or even perhaps a bra so nice it just has to be shared! Or even, dare I say it, a pair of flesh-colored Nippies.

Um, not loving this look. You? What I’d really like to know is who’s buying these.


14 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The ‘Outline of an Areola’ Edition”

  1. Toni says:

    While showing nipple is obviously not common (to say the least), I see plenty of brides on SYTTD choosing dresses with sheer panels in the stomach/torso area, which seems to be one of Pnina’s specialties.

    I’m not saying that I’m endorsing these looks, just commenting on the unexpected popularity of them.

  2. Toni says:

    (And I totally almost typed SYTYCD, which is a different show entirely.)

  3. Do you suppose they’re all that common in real life, Toni? I’ve seen them online and in magazines, I know they’re on television, but I have yet to see a sheer panel on a single American bride I’ve known or in pictures of brides that friends have taken and posted to Flickr.

  4. mkb says:

    These are more like…”club wear”

  5. Jennie says:

    If they are buying them then they are also getting some sort of camisole or bustier with them.

  6. I doubt women wear them without some sort of something underneath, unless they’re some sort of model or something. And if they are a model, I certainly hope that they have better posture than the model in the example above!

  7. May be we can have these ultra revealing wedding dresses sometime in 2050 in real weddings. I can now only see them on hangers or models for the next 40 yrs at least.

  8. Toni says:

    I’ll admit that I’ve never seen one of these dresses (including ones with “just” sheer panels in the stomach area) on any friends, or friends of friends. I was just mentioning that I’m surprised how many brides pick dresses like these on that show. Of course “how many” is pretty much “any number higher than zero.” Like I mentioned, these seem to be a specialty of Pnina, that SYTTD sometimes seems like The Pnina Show, so I’m well aware that just because (let’s say) 1 out of 50 brides featured chooses a dress like that, that it is in NO WAY representative of brides in general.

    I will say, the sheer panels seem to be popular with 1. younger “daddy’s girl” brides who seem to view everything as one big party and are in the “more is more” camp or 2. slightly older rocker-chick types who want an “alternative” dress that broadcasts that they’re still sexy and hip.

  9. SarahDances says:

    I have been to one wedding where the bride, who is Persian, wore a dress that had a torso which was mostly sheer. The only opaque panel was right over the bust, and not even around the back. Personal taste aside, it caused some issues when, during her choreographed wedding dances (she’s in a dance company, and they performed with her at the reception), the very bottom-heavy strapless dress kept migrating, to the point where at several points, it was no longer covering ANYTHING, and she didn’t even realize.

    Thank goodness for good bras, is all I’ll say.

  10. Dawn says:

    And it would be such a beautiful dress if it wasn’t, you know, SEE THROUGH. 🙂 I can’t imagine the grandparents’ reaction to this dress coming down the aisle.

  11. raincoaster says:

    Well, regardless of what colour it is, nobody’ll believe you’re a virgin in one of these.

  12. Jessica says:

    hahaha too true raincoaster!!! roflmao, you might as well pick whatever color you want!

  13. ElfPuddle says:

    At least they have sleeves?

  14. Sparxx says:

    i love dresses like that i would so wear one to my wedding mom wouldn’t agree but i don’t care i don’t know why brides must always try to impress their mom it’s their wedding not their mom’s i’d take a guy friend and a girl friend with me and maybe even my fiancee