Craspedia aka Billy Balls – An Unusual But Beautiful Choice

For those whose wedding color scheme includes a pretty and happy yellow, craspedia is a wonderful wedding flower option. Craspedia, also called billy balls or billy buttons, are known for their cheery yellow and round flowerheads, and look great whether in a starring or supporting role in your floral arrangements. Their density is striking, with most people never guessing that these blooms are a relative of the common daisy. The flowerheads are also tough and durable, meaning they’ll look as brilliant at end of the wedding reception as they did at the start of the wedding ceremony.

billy balls bridal bouquet

billy balls bridesmaids bouquets

billy balls pomander

billy balls wedding centerpieces

bill balls boutonniere

To see how billy balls look as part of a full wedding, check out a beautiful wedding featuring billy balls at Marry You Me. Can I just say I love these? Silly name aside, billy balls just have so much mass and they’re so warm and cheerful. I could see these being an easy DIY wedding flower – I mentioned durability, right? – because they’re going to come together well in bouquets and centerpieces without a lot of fussing on the part of the bride and her helpers.

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  1. Love this! Especially in the white vases, it’s so simple and elegant.