Play Your Way to the Venue On Time

What would you say about a wedding invitation that makes the guest play a video game in order to get the details on when and where vows will be exchanged? You could say “It’s been done,” but I hope in an inspired way and not a snarky way since a certain Darina and Niko did it earlier this year, with awesome results.

Prospective guests played as either the bride or the groom, and the goal of the game (other than finding out where and when the wedding was) involved rescuing your significant other while avoiding ninjas and gorilla lasers and barrels.

It wasn’t a difficult game – as you can see in the video – but wedding invitation recipients could station right away that they’d never played a video game before and hopefully unlock all the wedding deets without having to get killed by gorilla lasers 45 times.

You can see the invitation packaging over at Offbeat Bride – and I definitely recommend taking a look since the relevant post also includes a link to a site where you can download the original invite and play it yourself. Fun!


One Response to “Play Your Way to the Venue On Time”

  1. That was sweet! Very similar to super mario.