Inspiration: Skirts!

On the bridesmaid dress re-wearability scale, skirts are right up there with a dress the individual bridesmaid picks out herself. It’s not difficult to see why – with two pieces, a top and a bottom, there’s a much better chance that the bridesmaids will either like one or the other and also have an opportunity to wear the half they like. And putting aside all those poly satin strapless tops with matching long skirts, outfitting your ‘maids in skirts can be a lot of fun! How about fitted tux shirts and pencil skirts? Or poodle skirts! A sash can stand in for a belt or just choose a skirt with a lot of structure and detail.

My guess would be that finding the perfect shirt and skirt combo for bridesmaids might be a bit more difficult than finding a great dress, but the results, I’d say, are worth it. Really. Check out these awesome bridesmaid skirt looks, all of which are sure to inspire:

bridesmaids dresses skirts

bridesmaids ruffled skirts

bridesmaids poodle skirts
(via – this was actually an amazing rehearsal din)

skirts for bridesmaids
(via, and via with DIY directions!)

bridesmaids wearing skirts

skirt bridesmaids dresses

6 Responses to “Inspiration: Skirts!”

  1. Courtney says:

    Love this look!

    Especially for a daytime wedding where the bridesmaids so often look overdressed.

  2. Bien Argonza says:

    I want to have that kind of wedding, with fitted skirts on the bridesmaids. It will look like the “sexiest” wedding occasion!

  3. Twistie says:

    Whoa! I was ahead of the trend! My bridesmaids wore Victorian style blouses with back-pleated a-line skirts. They looked great.

  4. Well, as you know, my dear Twistie, trends in the bridal world can move slowly. Have you considered that you created this only now emerging fashion? 😉

  5. Toni says:

    As someone who is two different sizes on top and bottom, separates can be helpful, especially when going for a more fitted look.

  6. Twistie says:

    @Christa Terry: (bats eyelashes bashfully) Wellllll, I wasn’t going to be the one to say it. ; )