Poufy, Princessy, and Pretty

While there is no shortage of wedding dresses that are funky, colorful, or just plain weird out there, the fact remains that plenty of brides are still looking for wedding dresses that will make them feel like the princesses they wished they could be at age 7 or age 15 or even age 25. I’m talking about romantic and feminine wedding dresses with lots of girly details and a skirt with body that just won’t quit.

So if you’re the kind of bride-to-be who wants pouf… who, yes, does want a strapless wedding dress… and who wouldn’t be caught dead in a simple sheath… these gowns are for you!

romantic wedding dress
(Angelina Colarusso)

pink wedding dress
(Toi Couture)

princess wedding dress
(Angelina Colarusso)

feminine wedding dresses
(Barbara Leber)

choosing a wedding dress
(Atelier Aimee)

3 Responses to “Poufy, Princessy, and Pretty”

  1. I can never decide whether I like slinky or poufy more… these are just beautiful anyway. I especially like te pink one since I’m too pale to pull off white very well

  2. Gina says:

    I love that pink dress!

  3. Ray says:

    That first gown is to die for! I’m currently searching for a simple dress with a dramatic full and organic skirt.