Inspiration: Glamelia!

For a decidedly different bridal bouquet, it’s all in how you use your blooms. Special breeds of flower or bouquet charms aren’t necessary when you’re carrying a glamorous glamelia bouquet, which is a composite bouquet made hundreds of individual petals sewn together to form an amazing larger-than-life blossom.


Also known as a Malmaison rose, glamelias were popular in the 40s and 50s and are commonly made from rose petals but may be crafted from the petals of gladiolas, lilies, or other flowers.


Glamelias might seem like an interesting DIY project for the bride-to-be, but after reading this I think I’d pass. My bridal bouquet and bridesmaids’ bouquets took maybe an hour – a wine-fueled hour! – to make once a friend and I chose the color scheme and greens. Glamelia bouquets will take you a whole lot longer, even if you’re using silks instead of real roses.


If the glamelia bouquet rings a bell, it’s probably because Katherine Heigl carried one at her 2008 wedding. I’ve read a few blog posts that suggest that the glamalia bouquet is making a comeback, but if it is, it’s a slow comeback. I certainly think the gorgeous glamelia is ready for its second 15 minutes of fame – is anyone out there considering one?


I mean, really, aren’t they just divine?

4 Responses to “Inspiration: Glamelia!”

  1. Toni says:

    Ooh, pretty.

    I shudder to think what they would cost from a florist, though.

  2. Giggles says:

    Absolutely lovely! The largeness of the “bloom” makes them seem like they’d be softer and smell better.

  3. Jessica says:

    Wow, when I went to the etsy site that had the cream glamelia (which is absolutely gorgeous btw) I saw the most beautiful franginpani bouquets. I never thought about using those for a bouquet, but they’d be a great option for a summer bride. They are hawaiian flowers, I used to have a tree in my yard, but this last winter took it. 🙁 The multi-color is so exciting!

  4. Marita says:

    I saw a picture of a Glamelia rose in a magasine 18 years ago (when I was 12) <nd decided here and then that was the bouquet I wanted! 2 weeks ago I had the Glamelia rose as my wedding bouquet, true to my own word 🙂 Made from white roses, and some green hanging leaves, it was simple but stunning. The only thing is that the bouquet do not last long, and the end of the night was the end of the bouquet. But totally worth it, I recommend it for anyone looking for something different.