NtB Loves: Your Fairy Tale Wedding

My new favorite wedding dress source? Right now it’s Your Fairy Tale Wedding, a one-woman show out of Tennessee. The creatrix – who states that, among other things, she’s a photog, mom, artist, wife, and all around Renaissance woman – offers a menu of custom wedding dresses, her own designs, and gowns inspired by designer frocks (but not, as she stresses, copies). Here’s a sample set:

The best part is that the prices for all these pretty dresses hover around $600 to $800, which is quite a deal in the wide world of wedding dresses. It also doesn’t hurt that Your Fairy Tale Wedding offers eco-friendly, fair trade, and low impact fabric options like organic cotton sateen and recycled textiles.

My fave? Definitely the Rochelle, a vintage-inspired colored wedding dress made of satin with an organza and tulle overlay and hand cut flowers:

Can I go back in time and get married in this dress? Pretty please?

7 Responses to “NtB Loves: Your Fairy Tale Wedding”

  1. Kathrina says:

    Oh! I want to wear Chucks with my wedding dress too!

  2. Melissa B. says:

    These are to die for — and I can’t believe the prices!! I wish I’d known about this when I got married. Can I go back in time with you, Christa?

  3. Angela says:

    Oh my Christa! Thank you sooooo much for including my shop on your blog! I’m so excited I can’t wait to share this link with my brides on my facebook group!
    I visit your blog ALL THE TIME when looking for inspiration.
    Be Blessed!

  4. You’re so welcome, Angela! Glad you like our little blog here – glad we found each other, in fact. If it ever happens that I’m renewing my vows, you can expect a call from me 😉

  5. ALIZZA says:


  6. Karen says:

    BEWARE of this one! If anything goes wrong they wil not correct it or reimburse. My daughter ordered a white wedding dress. She was so excited when it finally arrived (4 days before the wedding – yikes!). She ran upstairs to try it on, only to come back down in tears. The dress was BLACK! Fortunately, we were able to find a beautiful dress before the wedding. Unfortunately, we are STILL WAITING for reimbursement of any kind. NOT ONE CENT REFUNEDED TO DATE! We have also heard from other customers of Angela that have experienced the same nasty response to any problems with the dresses like color or delivery date. BUYER BEWARE of yourfairytalewedding or redonblack. They do not stand behind their product.

  7. Karen says:

    yourfairytalewedding uses pictures from designer web sites — they are not her work. her work is very shoddy.