Saying Thanks In Style

One hopes that by now we all know that thank you cards are never optional and should really be sent out sooner rather than later. While it might seem like a hassle, sending out thank you cards – for wedding gifts that arrive before, during, or after the big day – in a timely fashion is as much about making things easy on the happy couple as it is about not cheesing off etiquette-obsessed relatives and friends.

How’s that? Consider that it is a lot easier to write a heartfelt thank you when the emotions you felt upon receiving a gift are fresh in your mind. A thank you card written in the post-wedding glow of excitement is almost always more gushy – guests like gushy – than one penned months later, which is likely to read kind of flat. As in “Thank you for the waffle iron. We will use it every time we want waffles and will think of you when we eat them.” *yawn*

I know, I know, writing thank you cards can be a boring job, and one too often shouldered entirely by the lady (though The Beard and I split them fairly evenly) and done all at once instead of in dribs and drabs as gifts roll in as they ought to be. So how can one pep up this dull yet necessary task? First, pop in a movie… as long as you’re not so easily distracted that you’re likely to jotting down the actors’ lines instead of your own thoughts.

And second, choose a thank you card that makes you want to send it just so everyone can see how awesome your thank you cards are! The gorgeous Mommy Holly, for example, makes colorful thank you cards that even I, queen of paper pitching, would keep!

Aren’t these thank you cards just super cute? They might almost make writing out 100+ thank you cards fun. Almost.

7 Responses to “Saying Thanks In Style”

  1. Lol, its a boring job but it might as welll be done properly 🙂

  2. Gayle says:

    These stationery items are just so super cute!

  3. SusanC says:

    Very cute cards, indeed. There’s one way to avoid writing lots of thank you notes- invite fewer people in the first place, or nicely state “no gifts, please” on your invitations. And even then, you’ll get a few, for which, yes, you still have to write thank-yous.

  4. Twistie says:

    Those coffee cup cards ‘perk’ me right up! ; )

    In fact, I love them all.

    @SusanC: One never properly mentions ANYTHING about gifts on the invitation. If you prefer not to receive gifts, don’t register and have close friends and family (particularly the wedding party) quietly (and hopefully subtly) pass the word that the only gift you’re interested in is the love and support of the people who love you. And then, yes, have a small cache of thank you notes on hand to thank those who still wish to give a more corporeal expression of that support.

  5. @SusanC We suggested through the proper channels that people not buy gifts or donate to my favorite charity – not on the invitations, of course – but all that resulted in was lots and lots of gifts of cash. NOTE: I AM NOT COMPLAINING 😉

  6. Oh cash is my favorite color of gift.

  7. They really are very very cute. Wile I read the post, I was continuously wondering how would I design ‘thank you’ cards if I had to. Very cute certainly.