Interview: Megan Leavy of Mpire Events (Pt. II)

Like I said yesterday – in case you missed it – I’m trying something a little different, namely interviewing wedding vendors and service providers so all you lovelies planning weddings get a new view of the wedding planning world. I’m still talking with Megan Leavy of Mpire Events, a full-service event planning company that does it all. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner for 20 or a corporate event for 2,000, Megan has you covered. Today, she delves into the whys and hows of wedding planning and what it’s like to be a professional wedding planner.

What should a wedding planner’s top priority be?

I think it’s extremely important to get the bride and groom’s vision up front. It is their special day, and the day needs to reflect who they are as a couple and how they want to celebrate their union. Our job is of course to make the process as smooth and easy for the couple as possible while also giving them options and creative ideas to make their dreams reality.

What inspires you as you help a couple plan the perfect wedding?

I’m inspired by so much, but I find myself particularly inspired by the energy of the vendors I partner with. I work with the most amazing creative director from Winston Flowers, Ryan Zoeller, who is always able to take a bride and groom’s vision and bring it to life above and beyond how they pictured it. And that’s my goal with every event I plan. The creative part of any event is definitely what I enjoy the most about my job!

The question on everyone’s minds is: Why hire a wedding planner?

A bride should consider hiring a wedding planner for a variety of reasons. The number one reason, as I see it, is that the couple simply does not have the time to plan a wedding. But there are so many reasons to hire a wedding planner even if you do have the time! If a bride or groom has not planned a large or complex event before, I highly recommend hiring a planner because planning a wedding tends to be a lot more work than they initially anticipate.

And then there are the connections. Most planners have relationships with wedding vendors that can help a couple get the hotel they want, the best lighting professional, amazing flowers for a more competitive price, etc. A bride gets better quality and better deals than she could on her own when she works with a wedding planner.

Finally, creatively, the planner can tie your entire event concept together and hopefully improve upon your original idea to do something truly spectacular.

What does Mpire Events offer above and beyond what the average wedding planner gives her clients?

One of the services Mpire Events offers that couples really enjoy is custom gift packages for wedding guests. These are usually inspired by the area where the wedding is taking place. For example, in Boston these might include: Boston guides and maps, duck tour passes, treats from Faneuil hall, bottled water, Red Sox hats and a welcome note from the bride and groom. It’s a nice touch, and guests are always excited to receive them.

Finally, describe a perfect wedding.

The perfect wedding, as planned by Mpire Events, shouldn’t reflect my idea of what’s perfect, but instead whatever is perfect for the couple. It’s my job to bring their vision to life to create a smoothly run, very enjoyable and memorable wedding.

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  1. So true to let the couple decide whats perfect for them or may be we can suggest them something unique and amazing that leaves them mesmerized in the end. After all we have to give them the perfect day to remember.