Who Says We’re Too Old for Toys?

I <3 Playmobil, so I was totally jazzed when I found out they have a six wedding sets: a fancy church for the wedding, a bridal couple with a wedding cake, a wedding photographer with flower girl and ring bearer, wedding getaway car, wedding guests with a party tent, a wedding carriage with dapple greys, a wedding pavilion, and a piano player with a grand piano.

When I saw the sets, I knew immediately what I’d be getting my daughter for some upcoming birthday. For now, though, I’ll simply suggest that Playmobil lovers like myself who happen to be getting married consider using Playmobil figurines for their wedding cake toppers. Sure, you could go with the standard bride and groom, or you could be like the couple who customized their Playmobil wedding cake topper with beautiful results!

And for those not getting married at this time but who still love Playmobil, you have got to check out what some people are doing with the Playmobil wedding sets and cameras. The best pool of pics is at a review on Millionaire Playboy – for realz – but there are plenty of other fun photos featuring the Playmobil bride and groom out there that may just inspire you to create your own mini wedding photo shoot. Here are some highlights:

3 Responses to “Who Says We’re Too Old for Toys?”

  1. I’ve been LOOKING for the perfect cake topper idea to put in my little “Someday When I Plan a Wedding Again” planner! These are awesome, and they don’t make me want to poke my eye out with a spoon!

  2. Not poking your eye out with a spoon rocks!

  3. Josie says:

    Um omigod I am totally and unashamedly obsessed with playmobil!