Something Other Than an Alarmist Headline for the Pregnant Bridesmaid

Seems like people make a lot of fuss over pregnant bridesmaids, and not in a good way. You get posts on blogs and articles with titles like “Dealing With a Pregnant Bridesmaid” (which makes it sound like the bride is looking for a way to rub her out) and “The Pregnant Bridesmaid Dilemma” (translation: can I ask her to get an abortion so she doesn’t ruin myyyy daaayyyyyy?) and “Another Pregnant Bridesmaid?!” (for the couple who’s wondering why those bridesmaids can’t keep their dang legs closed).

With headlines like that, you’d think that women everywhere are all just waiting until they’ve been asked to be in a bridal party to stop taking their birth control. You know, because there’s nothing more awesome when you’re knocked up than finding a non-sucky maternity bridesmaid dress and standing up for a 45 minute long ceremony while someone takes photos of your cankles. That in mind, here’s a treat for the pregnant bridesmaid: a bridesmaid dress from Amsale that will make you feel like a million bucks.

As opposed to, you know, making you feel like a million pounds. And the nice thing about Amsale is that there are various other bridesmaids dresses on offer that look good on the pregnant bridesmaid – see a real live pregnant woman in one here – without specifically being maternity bridesmaids dresses. So you might find a reason to wear it again after the wedding. You know, once that baby in your belly is old enough to be left with a sitter for a night and you actually feel like putting on something other than sweats.

4 Responses to “Something Other Than an Alarmist Headline for the Pregnant Bridesmaid”

  1. I adore those dresses, and the deep purple colour is wonderful… what’s wrong with a pregnant bridesmaid?!

  2. JRM says:

    The *only* issue I can see with a pregnant bridesmaid is that of a VERY pregnant bridesmaid. As in, might go into labor during the ceremony kind of thing. In that case, I’d ask how they felt about it, because it’s their comfort at stake (not to mention the potential that they might be in hospital if they go early!).

    Then again, I’m a reasonable human being, not a bride (anymore). 😉

  3. Rubiatonta says:

    That’s a lovely dress! Eggplant is such a flattering color.

  4. Melissa B. says:

    Amsale makes great bridesmaids’ dresses. This one is no exception. I’d wear it today and I’m not even pregnant!