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Sevruga by Ian Stuart Bridal | Manolo for the Brides

LOVE/HATE: The ‘Jet Puffed Arms’ Edition

In today’s edition of LOVE/HATE, I thought it would be fun to take a look at Sevruga by Ian Stuart Bridal. But it’s not the wedding dress itself I want you to be looking at – even though I rather like this gown with its full skirt and strapless corset bodice that is draped and beaded with Swarovski crystals, tiny sequins and bugle beads. Take a look, if you will, at those detached sleeves. Available to match the antique pink, aubergine, and ivory gowns, these sleeves almost seem like the commitmentphobe’s answer to the mutton sleeve. Sure, they’re not a true mutton, but they definitely have that feel – and the bride can wear them or remove them depending on how she feels (or whether her arm poufs are in danger of getting a salad dressing bath during the reception).

I say HATE, but I’m also no fan of gloves on brides or huge sleeves on wedding dresses. What, my lovely ladies (and gents), do you think of these full-bodied detachable sleeves?

5 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The ‘Jet Puffed Arms’ Edition”

  1. Eva September 2, 2010 at 6:37 am #

    Hate! Hate! Hate! Soooo ugly, and soooo eighties.

  2. SarahDances September 2, 2010 at 9:34 am #

    Yeah. Not a fan. Also, I know Sevruga is caviar, and it’s supposed to conjur up the image of luxury… still, I really don’t want to associate my wedding dress with fish eggs.

  3. Anna September 2, 2010 at 11:43 am #

    Look like very fancy swimmies! Unless you’re going to do a trash-the-dress session at the pool right after, it’s a NO.

  4. Paula@DWItaly September 2, 2010 at 12:22 pm #

    Personally, I really DON’T like this. Just my opinion though…

  5. Omnibus Driver September 3, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

    Only if they also come with castanets and a Flamenco guitarist…