LOVE/HATE: The ‘Mustachioed Mamas’ Edition

Two years ago, Offbeat Bride declared that mustaches were hot. That may have been, but the fervor either hasn’t cooled or the trend has come around again or mustaches are just now making their way into the mainstream. Because you know what? I am seeing more and more mustache wedding gear, from the recently posted mustache wedding stationery set to wedding pictures that feature everyone from the bride and groom right on down the line wearing fake ‘staches.

Being that it’s bridesmaids week here at Manolo for the Brides, I had to, of course, find a snap of bridesmaids sporting the mustache look. (And now, of course, I can’t find the photo source so if anyone happens to know, speak up.) I personally am pretty cool when it comes to being silly – act my shoe size? No prob! – and I love the idea of asking people to participate in zany reception activities. But I know plenty of people out there endeavor to be way more dignified in their daily lives than yours truly. So I want to hear from bridesmaids: Should brides and grooms take those folks into account when they ask their attendants to play dress up in the wedding pics? Or since bridesmaids and groomsmen technically have the right to say nay, is it okay to require that props be used in the photos?

3 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The ‘Mustachioed Mamas’ Edition”

  1. Som Banerjee says:

    Most people dont like surprises in the middle of a wedding. But as long as the bride discusses the photo props ahead of the wedding, there should be no problem. I would love to be part of some silly pics myself.

  2. Toni says:

    Eh, it’s just one photo. Go for it!

  3. Nariya says:

    I’d like to think that the wedding party would know the bride and/or groom well enough to know what to expect. I also think that if someone has an issue wearing a fake mustache on their face for one humorous photo in a wedding where he/she is really not the important person, he or she is spending too much time worrying about superficial things. Buuuuut that’s just me.