Wedding Dress or Retro Lingerie?

Wedding dresses with spaghetti straps can be deliriously beautiful or, in some cases, look more like old fashioned nightgowns than actual gowns. I don’t know why, exactly, though it could have something to do with what seem to me to be the misplaced bra-like cups in some spaghetti strap wedding dresses and the particular unstructured necklines you find in others.

Even when a wedding dress sports thicker straps, the straps can still appear flimsy. And if they’re just the right thickness and made out of just the right sort of ribbon, they end up looking like the straps on the bra I’m wearing right at this very moment.

Maybe I’m biased against spaghetti straps since too often it feels like they could be taken off without having much of an impact on the dress…? Or do these two wedding dresses really kind of look like the nightgown half of those jacket and nightgown sets that I’ve heard the mother-of-the-bride used to give the bride to wear on her wedding night?

(Both dresses from Watters)

4 Responses to “Wedding Dress or Retro Lingerie?”

  1. SusanC says:

    Hey, I had spaghetti straps on my dress. But yes, the one in the first picture seems twee. If the straps just look like they are tacked on to a strapless dress as an afterthougt, that’s silly. Although I do like the dress in the second picture, I think the bodice could have been styled a bit differently to lessen the resemblence to a negligee.

  2. No offense intended, SusanC! I myself had spaghetti straps on my senior prom dress and I loved that dress. But it definitely looked like a dress! These, I think, suffer because the straps are flimsy and everything else is flimsy – I actually like skinny straps on a more substantial dress.

  3. Gina says:

    I think the first picture with the skinny straps looks less like a nightgown than the second picture.

  4. In fact, both the dresses don’t really look like a wedding dress. I quite endorse what Gina says.