Groomsmen: Fit to Be Tied

Since Bridesmaids’ Week has come and gone, I thought it might be nice to throw all the groomsmen a bone, since if we don’t talk about bridesmaids nearly enough, we hardly talk about their male counterparts at all! Now the groom can dress his groomsmen (or the bride can dress her bridesmen) in anything he pleases, but the fact is that groomsmen in the wild are often seen sporting neck ties.

Plain black or some other coordinating color will always be a popular choice, but I thought I’d gently suggest that grooms and brides consider ties with patterns for the men of the wedding party. Why? First, because we spend so much time obsessing over the bridesmaids’ dresses and usually don’t give nearly as much thought to the attire worn by the dudes. Second, because there aren’t a lot of ways for grooms and groomsmen to have fun with fashion while staying in formal suite territory. And third, because there are some truly awesome ties for groomsmen out there! Check it:

The Pi tie is from Wild Ties while all the rest are from Cyberoptix Tie Lab, maker of fine ties featuring bombs, exhaust systems, engines, and other awesome patterns. For real, you can have a lot of fun with groomsmen’s ties.

And shoes, for that matter! I’m loving this shot from A Bryan Photo of groomsmen wearing sneakers that were painted by the groom.

What are your groomsmen wearing? Anything out of the ordinary?

6 Responses to “Groomsmen: Fit to Be Tied”

  1. I looooooooooove unusual ties and always pick them up for my oh, so it’s awesome to see such gorgeous ones inclded here

  2. Twistie says:

    Ooh, these are both fab and gear! Seriously, I might just order the Pi tie for myself, it’s so cool.

    Our groomsmen wore whatever formalwear they already owned, so they were a formally motley crew. My brother the alpaca rancher did, though, threaten to wear a kimono and a top hat if Mr. Twistie didn’t tell him what to wear soon (this was less than a month before the wedding, and it seems Mr. Twistie assumed his attendants would know his wishes in the matter via osmosis). I said that was fine by me. There’s a little piece of me that’s always been disappointed he showed up in a suit. My father and my brother the medieval historian both wore their kilts, so there was colorful native wear going on, even without a kimono.

  3. Bernadette says:

    Yay, we had the tree ties in various fall colors for our wedding. They looked awesome!

  4. Blossom says:

    My husbands groomesmen and my husband all wore boring ties but if i had know about engine ties i so would have gotten them my husband and his two groomesmen all are car nuts!! bummer.

  5. Victor says:

    I do like the thought of something other than a solid color or regimental stripes for the groomsmen. OTOH, to me a wedding leans toward formal, and I’m not sure about the pi tie (keep in mind I took calculus as an elective, so I’m into pi), nor the engine tie. Something about them is a bit too frivolous.

    I’m totally digging the cherry blossom print, though.

    Me? I think I’d outfit my groomsmen in Jerry Garcia ties, for the bright colors and abstract patterns.

    (As a guest, I usually wear a valentine’s theme tie to a wedding. Last one I went to, my tie featured the famous French romantic-comedy lead actor Pepe Le Pew. It rocked.)

    I have mixed feelings about the painted Vans. Not for the ceremony, but certainly for the reception.

  6. Very unusual ties but they are great. I like the second and the last one.