No Saying ‘BRRRR’ For These Bridesmaids!

Can anyone else feel just a touch of autumn in the air? *brrrrr* I sure can. And when I think of autumn, I think of all the ladies in the wedding party getting goosebumps. It’s tough to cope with wedding weather, isn’t it. In the summertime, the guys are sweating in their suits and at winter weddings, bare-armed bridesmaids are in danger of losing limbs if the thermostat is set too low. Now I’ll of course 100% support the bride’s decision to wear a strapless, gauzy sheath dress at her autumn wedding, but I’d rather not see the poor bridesmaids freezing their buns off at those November nuptials just so everyone looks uniform in the wedding photos.

One solution you frequently see is the wrap. Then there are the true pashminas. And stoles, though you see those far less often since fewer people wear fur and the faux fur ones look costumey. Oh, and of course the bolero. Sometimes you even see the bridesmaids at autumn weddings and winter weddings huddling near heaters swaddled in the groomsmen’s jackets! Which isn’t exactly the best look.

Maybe once in a while we can all ditch the cover ups? I mean, even as a guest at cold weather weddings, I feel that it’s pretty darned difficult to find a dress that has sleeves and also doesn’t look like something made for a 75-year-old pre-calculus teacher. I am SO SO SO loving the photo (by the amazing Cliff Mautner) above, which features bridesmaids decked out in chocolate brown sweaters with matching skirts made by the bride’s mother. They look absolutely ready for an outdoor ceremony that might be subject to a brisk breeze or two. My guess? There wasn’t a goosebump in sight!

One Response to “No Saying ‘BRRRR’ For These Bridesmaids!”

  1. They all seem ready for autumn. So quite obviously no goosebumps…