Marchesa: Pretty, Unusual

Aren’t these pretty? More than a wee bit unusual, sure, but pretty nonetheless! All four dresses are from Marchesa‘s Spring 2010 collection (so in fashion terms, a blast from the past) but they caught my eye and I thought they might inspire. I actually like Marchesa’s non-wedding dresses much better than their bridal lines, which tend to be rather boring in their glaring whiteness when compared to all of the interesting things happening elsewhere in the brand.

What I love: Everything about the second dress, the flow of the fourth dress, and the structure of the skirt on the third dress. What I don’t love: Where the skirt on the second dress ends, the print on the fourth dress, and how messy the first dress looks in that picture, which it’s really not actually that messy looking at all.

Are you shopping for a wedding dress that’s something other than the all-white confections you see on too many bridal salon racks?

4 Responses to “Marchesa: Pretty, Unusual”

  1. Sarah C. says:

    I’d like the skirt from dress 1 and the figure to wear dress 3, please.

  2. @Sarah C. Me, too! Me, too!

  3. The first and the last dresses are amazingly gorgeous.

  4. Nati says:

    Every year the fashion for the wedding gowns is changing. Actually I am shopping for my wedding dress and I wouldn’t choose any of these four dresses. First they don’t look nice and second, they don’t seem comfortable. Especially the first one. Can you imagine wearing that dress and dancing with it? It looks like it would be really hard. I’m not shopping for a wedding dress similar to any one of these four. I’m looking for white dress because in my opinion the wedding dress should be that color. I’m interested in something incredible, gorgeous but on the other hand it should be humbleness. And of course for something comfortable.