Are You Looking For Yet Another Wedding Cake Alternative?

Not a fan of cake? How’s this for a wedding reception stand-in: Jelly. Or whatever we call it in the U.S…. Jell-O? I’ve always thought of jelly as being stiffer stuff than Jell-O. Leaf gelatin sets more firmly, and apparently Vege-gel jelly sets even firmer (but has a bit of a taste to it). You may be thinking, uh, Jello-O, what now? But hear me out. Jelly wedding cakes are gaining ground and might just be the next big wedding cake alternative.

Brides and grooms have to do it right, though. Chemical cherry? No, thanks. Think upscale – champagne, lychee, and less common fruits make elegant flavor starting points. And while you can have a stiff set jelly wedding cake that looks a lot more like a traditional wedding cake than you might expect, the fun of something like this is breaking out of the mold. You can have individual jellies presented on cupcake stands (like the one above from Bompas and Parr), jelly parfaits, amazing jelly squares with thin layers in different colors and flavors, or a molded jelly shaped to look like almost anything. Get creative, and have fun. As long as you *like* jelly, that is.

6 Responses to “Are You Looking For Yet Another Wedding Cake Alternative?”

  1. T. Beard says:

    Ah, lychee jello cake would be awesome, but how are you supposed to enjoy a couple weeks of cake-y leftovers?

  2. Twistie says:

    Would it be my thing? Nah. I’m not fond of Jell-o. OTOH, if the bride and groom love it, then I’m whole-heartedly for them having it. And I must say it photographs beautifully.

    It would also make a fantastic groom’s cake or alternate dessert for those who don’t like (or can’t eat) cake.

  3. I am always a fan of alternate desserts! That way, I get a wee bit of cake and a wee bit of “other,” whatever other turns out to be.

  4. Indian wedding planners says:

    Looks good but may be this can be an option along with the traditional wedding cake.