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Inspiration: Bridal Shoe Clips

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Should I be a little ashamed to admit that I didn’t ever once thought about after-market bridal shoes add-ons for my own wedding day footwear? Or that of my bridesmaids? Maybe not. But I am entirely ashamed to admit that I have gone my entire life admiring this shoe or that, never realizing that the pretty baubles adorning the back or the front of said shoe might not have come with the shoe itself. So hello, bridal shoe clips!

Shoe Clips for the bride are basically jewelery for your bridal shoes – any shoe that doesn’t already have decoration (or maybe just doesn’t have enough decoration for your tastes) can be transformed with shoe clips. Keep in mind that while I did say jewelry, shoe clips don’t have to be blingy. I’ve seen amazing peacock feather shoe clips and shoe clips with gorgeous felt flowers… not to mention shoe clips that look like miniature nests and adorable bows and more.

Popular in the 1940s – I’m thinking thrifty chicks who wanted more variety – shoe clips have made a massive comeback and are becoming the wedding footwear accessory of choice for more and more brides. What I can’t figure out is who was the target market in between the 40s and today’s brides since quite a few of the mass market shoe clips I’ve found have been baubles that one associate with sexy Halloween costumes.

Isn’t that weird? No matter. Want to know my favorite source for beautiful and fun shoe clips for the bride, bridesmaid, or regular gal? I love all the shoe clips at Fink Shop! Definitely give them a look if you’re in the market for this particular wedding accessory.

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Neil, Will You Take This Statue?

Saturday, November 20th, 2010

November 10 was a big day for fantasy writer Neil Gaiman. It was his birthday, for one thing (Happy birthday, Neil! I love Neverwhere all to pieces and back again!). For another, his longtime lady love Amanda Palmer gave him a very unusual gift.

You see, once upon a time, long before the two met, Amanda made her living as a street performer. Her gig was being a live statue of a bride. Not that she thought getting married was such a good idea:

i always said i wouldn’t get married.
why not just live with someone for christ’s sake?

plus, everybody in my family was divorced and just kept getting more and more divorced.
it just seemed stupid.

And yet, for Neil’s birthday, she decided to surprise him with a ‘wedding’ and get herself up in her bridal statue finery one more time.

First, she bought him a top hat. Then she took off, bribing him to meet her later with the promise of a cup of tea (and don’t even try to tell me that isn’t dirty pool when your guy is English!).

Amanda got into her costume and makeup and gathered her ‘wedding party’ on the courthouse steps. Alas! more people came than were originally expected as word of the impending event spread. The group had no permit, so they were asked to move on. They did. They gathered again in Jackson Square.

Again, they were informed they would need to move on by the authorities. Amanda texted Neil to meet her at the steps of a church just outside the park. He got there moments later, in top hat, tee shirt and jacket. Seeing Amanda in her statue finery, he placed $5.00 in her basket. Amanda then ‘came to life’ and handed him a rose. At this juncture, the witnesses came out from their hiding places along with Jason Webley who had introduced the happy couple in the first place. Jason performed the ceremony with great enthusiasm.

Best of all? Neil got his cup of tea, even if he did have to drink it through the clown white Amanda left on him with the kiss.

Okay, so it’s not legal, but Neil and Amanda are actually engaged. In the meantime, here’s what Neil has to say about this practice run:

Next time we get married, I’ll marry the lady, not the statue, and there will be invited people and not a flash mob, and I’ll know it’s happening in advance, and there will be a paper and it will be legally recognised, but I cannot imagine it will be any more joyous than this was. And truthfully, after that morning’s magical wedding, I don’t think I could ever feel more married.

And truly, I doubt there could be a wedding more appropriate for the man who created London Below.

Check out their wedding album here. Thanks to Just call me Sugah for the tip off!

LOVE/HATE: The ‘Lady In Red’ Edition

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Not too long ago, relatively speaking, red wedding dresses were the hotness. If you wanted an alternative or colored wedding dress, that rack of red wedding dresses (with traditional or non-traditional silhouettes) may very well have been the first place you looked. But now? I haven’t heard anyone talking up red as a color alternative to white for some time. Silver? Sure. Purple? Now and then. But I’d say the red wedding dress trend has officially petered out.

But it’s still easier to find a red gown that looks like a wedding dress or comes from a wedding gown designer’s collection than it is to find, say, a forest green wedding dress or a yellow wedding dress. I’m sure that will eventually change, but wedding fashion trends tend to change slowly and I won’t be surprised not to find an orange wedding dress on my next trip to bridal salon. So what’s nice is that red wedding dresses are still out there for those brides who want them, and to that I say “Great.” I’d like to see more wedding gowns in more colors, not fewer!

Now back to red. Now that red isn’t the it color for brides who want a non-white (and non-ivory, non-cream, non-shell, non-diamond, etc.) gowns, what do you REALLY think of red wedding dresses? Me? I still love them, as long as they’re not that weird deep red that reminds me too much of band uniforms and hotel drapery.

Bridesmaids Getting Earthy

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

Tell me, ladies, what do you think of these earth tone bridesmaids dresses from Lilipad Creations?

If you want more info before making a call, here are the deets: These are all crafted to size from sculpted silk, and come in colors like champagne, mocha, rust, deep blue, and black. For brides who don’t like the sound of any of those colors, never fear! Lilipad Creations will custom dye silk for a batch of bridesmaids dresses. Oh, and I’m not entirely sure (it’s hard to tell in the pictures) but it seems like this dress also has an asymmetrical bust line.

As for what I think, I’m torn between really loving the shape of these bridesmaids dresses and not being entirely thrilled with the color selection. Except for the black option, of course – but I know not everyone is a fan of black bridesmaids dresses. And the price, $379, might be a lot for some bridesmaids to swallow. Or am I thinking too much like a frugal person and not enough like a bridesmaid?

Bridal Bouquet Stems: Charmed, I’m Sure

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Bridal bouquet charms are one of those wedding extras that you can take or leave depending on your budget and tastes. If you do relish the idea of a little bling on your bridal bouquet, then maybe a charm (or two or five) is the answer. Bridal bouquet charms come in many forms – from memorial charms to rhinestone animals to monograms to just about anything else small enough to be clipped on to a stem. With that in mind, here are some pretty pictures of bridal bouquet charms to get your mental motors racing. Enjoy!



Like an Ice Cream Sundar Bar, But Better

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

What could be sweeter than gathering together with your family and friends on a beautiful day to pledge your undying love to your favorite person in the whole wide world? How about doing all of that… with ice cream?

(via Solar Photographers)

Some brides and grooms luck out – they’re just leaving for the reception with their attendants when that old familiar tune starts playing in the distance, getting louder and louder until that gorgeous ice cream truck is close enough to flag down.

(via Green Wedding Shoes)

Some brides and grooms luck out – they’re just leaving for the reception with their attendants when that old familiar tune starts playing in the distance, getting louder and louder until that gorgeous ice cream truck is close enough to flag down.

(via Gold Coast Ice Cream Truck Co.)

But if it’s not summertime or ice cream trucks don’t regularly visit your wedding ceremony or reception areas, there’s always ice cream truck rental from places like Gold Coast Ice Cream Truck Co. of NYC and Long Island. Have them park outside your wedding reception venue and take the idea of the sundae bar to a whole new level!

The Uncanny Ability of (Some) Bridesmaids to Keep Chaos Quiet

Monday, November 15th, 2010

One of the things that seldom comes up on lists of bridesmaids’ duties is “Keeping one’s mouth shut.” And yet I’d suggest that it wouldn’t exactly be far fetched to tack it on to the end of one of those lists. For as much as the bride-to-be worries incessantly that she will notice every little thing that goes wrong before, during, and after the wedding, a great bridesmaid will do the noticing for the bride and then gently steer the bride away from whatever is wrong so that someone else can handle it.

Or in other less common cases, that same great bridesmaid will find herself smack in the middle of what’s wrong and not go blabbing to the bride until at least after the ceremony.

Recently, that’s just what five Boston bridesmaids did when their wedding limo carjacked before the ceremony by a man fleeing the scene of a crime he’d allegedly just committed. According to a charter bus driver delivering guests to the wedding, the suspect started fighting with the driver, smashed the passenger side window with a hammer, the bridesmaids got out and ran, the driver bailed, and the suspect took off. To their credit, none of the bridesmaids left a bouquet behind, and they all stayed mum about the incident until after the bride had tied the knot.

This particular item on the list of bridesmaids’ duties won’t always be exciting, of course. In some cases, it’s tragic. At my own wedding, for example, I wasn’t told that the reason one of my aunts wasn’t in attendance was that she was terminally ill. And in other cases, the no-no topic is fairly mundane. Maybe the bridesmaids have found out that the ceremony seating arrangements are all wrong and send some of the groomsmen to rearrange everything before go time.

What the conscientious bridesmaid may have to keep to herself on the bride’s big day might be anything, but I can almost guarantee that the wedding will be all the better for her keeping her mouth shut. Yes, in a few cases the bride will wish that someone had spoken up and told her just what was going on. But a bridesmaid’s silence – sometime paired with a little sneaky initiative – can sometimes be all that it takes to keep the bride from realizing that anything is amiss.