Your Wedding Theme Doesn’t Have to Scream

Wedding themes? Love ’em. But I’ll admit that they don’t always work, and I can’t say that it’s necessarily the fault of the brides and grooms. Weaving some element basically unrelated to weddings into a ceremony and reception (not to mention things like wedding stationery or a wedding web site) can be pretty difficult. Too little, and your themey stuff can look out of place. Too much, and your wedding might not feel like a wedding anymore. I’m not talking about color themes – or season themes or holiday themes, both of which are pretty easy – but rather the themes that might already be a little confusing to your loved ones. Steampunk, for example. 1940s cinema. Drag racing. Anything that could be considered well outside the wedding box.

The images below of a wedding that subtly integrated a Superman and superhero theme into a wedding themed wedding were taken by the talented team at Philadelphia wedding photographer Hoffer Photography. I think it’s a great example of how to weave something special to you into your wedding without sacrificing the modern-traditional wedding aesthetic.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a big crazy overt wedding theme if that’s what you want! Personally, I like wedding themed weddings and weddings where guests are invited to come in costume and weddings that take place in unusually themed venues and pretty much every other kind of wedding, as long as the food is good. I think the key to making a wedding theme work is either keeping it simple and subtle or taking it all the way. In each case, some of your wedding guests will get it and some won’t, so make your planning focus creating a ceremony and reception that’s special to you, not necessarily a ceremony and reception every one of your loved ones will understand.

3 Responses to “Your Wedding Theme Doesn’t Have to Scream”

  1. Nothing better than a sober theme. Super-like the super hero theme.

  2. Same here, Indian wedding planners. There’s nothing I like more than seeing couples having fun with their weddings!

  3. Michelle says:

    I uber like the groom’s Superman shirt in screaming orange! Their wedding looks fun and I love the unconventional theme.