How Fun Will Your Wedding Be?

When people talk about weddings, they tend to use words like beautiful and moving and elegant. But when was the last time you heard someone’s wedding described as fun? Mine was fun but it could have been more fun – the kids all got to go swimming, but we didn’t end up renting a bounce house like we talked about. And there would have been plenty of room for carnival games… wait, what? Carnival games? Or maybe even a Ferris wheel!

I’m serious – the wedding ceremony is more often than not a semi-somber affair, but there is no reason that a wedding reception can’t be all about playtime and getting a little crazy. For those brides and grooms with the space, a carnival wedding – not just a carnival themed wedding, if you see the difference – is one unusual option that is almost sure to please.

So how exactly do you pull off a carnival wedding? First, you need the space, preferably a nice big outdoor space that’s both flat and private. Wouldn’t want passersby to see the carnival and stop in! (Unless, of course, you do.) Then you need to find a party rental company that specializes in carnival rides and games. Believe it or not, you don’t have to be a town or organization to rent this kind of stuff. Finally, you need to make sure that it’s actually all right for you to set up a mini-carnival in that flat, private, outdoor space you found.

(via Jamie Hammond Photography, a Seattle wedding photographer)

Depending on how complex you make your carnival wedding – will there be prizes? rides? refreshment stands galore? can you DIY any part of it with help from friends? – this is one reception that can get pretty expensive. But it definitely makes for one heck of good time and the kind of wedding that your loved ones will invariably describe as fun… probably for years to come, because how exactly do you top a carnival wedding, anyway? I don’t think it’s possible, at least not in the fun department.

What are you doing to make your wedding reception extra fun for guests both young and old?

8 Responses to “How Fun Will Your Wedding Be?”

  1. Blossom says:

    That would be so much fun. None of that arkward standing around if you dont know anyone, you could go play a game.

  2. bride to be says:

    A carnival setting really looks fun. Thanks for the idea.

  3. @Blossom I hadn’t even thought of that aspect of things, but you’re so right. When I was young, I went to one of my mom’s company parties that was carnival themed. I didn’t know any of the other kids, but there was so much to do – dunk tank, old fashioned pictures with costumes, etc. – and I made a friend pretty quickly. Hard not to chat when you’re trying to knock over a bottle tower with someone.

    @bride to be You’re welcome!

  4. I wish I were invited to this wedding!! Great inspiration!

  5. Oh Wow! So colourful. I love it!

  6. You have to very brave when experimenting on your own wedding.
    Good use of the aqua color makes the decor look very refreshing and the theme very lively.

  7. Oh Wow! So colourful. I love it!

  8. A carnival setting really looks fun. Thanks for the idea.