I Hadn’t Really Thought About It That Way

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So. I was watching Four Weddings the other night (Fridays, 10:00, 9:00 Central on TLC) and was quite intrigued with one couple: Rachel and Brad. They were actors who put together a rather gloriously OTT wedding. There were bagpipes and air horns at least one acrobat, and handfasting done with sparkly ribbons, and the groom vowing never to smoke another cigarette. In fact, Mr. Twistie and I both agreed it was one we wished we could have gone to… and when Mr. Twistie gets as enthusiastic about a wedding as to want to be there, well, you know it’s a party.

Anyway, one of the less than conventional decisions that Rachel and Brad made was to have their wedding rings tattooed on rather than going the more common route of buying metal bands. Fair enough. Not my thing, but then needles wig me out on an epic level. Mr. Twistie, too. We would happily live in a universe where needles never, ever, ever get inserted into human flesh. But it wasn’t our decision to make. It was Brad and Rachel’s decision, and they chose to have ink on their hands.

In the opening interview, Rachel talked about how much more practical this is because you can’t accidently lose your ring. After all, a marriage is supposed to last a lifetime. She called it ‘more functional.’

Okay. Of course I know a lot more couples who have gotten divorced than have lost their wedding rings, but I can see where she’s coming from and have no beef with her reasoning or her reasons. It’s her finger. She gets to determine whether it bears a ring, a tattoo, or nothing at all.

When I started getting it as a cool thing was during the ceremony. The happy couple was asked to explain their choice to their guests. So what did Brad say?

It’s a blood oath, and the only tattoo that will ever adorn my body.

Dayum! Now that’s the sound of a committed groom!

How could Rachel top that? One simple declarative sentence:

You’re in my flesh forever.

Will Rachel and Brad live happily ever after? Will they always be happy with their decision to opt for ink over gold? Those are questions I cannot answer. All I know is they’re going in expecting forever and refusing to be anyone but themselves.

And you know what? I think that gives them at least two and a half legs up on people who don’t enter marriage precisely that way.

3 Responses to “I Hadn’t Really Thought About It That Way”

  1. La Petite Acadienne January 23, 2011 at 2:09 pm #

    Very cool! I’ll have to show that to The Stonecutter. He rarely wears his wedding ring, because due to the nature of his work, it would either get destroyed, or he could get it caught on something and hurt his finger quite badly. So for anybody who works with their hands and for whom a ring is just impractical, this is actually a really nice solution.

  2. Kayla January 23, 2011 at 3:28 pm #

    This is exactly what my fella and I are going to do, although it will be more private and done after the wedding, before we go on our honeymoon. There’re lots of reasons we’re going to get tattoos, the most prominent being the fact me and jewelry don’t get along. It hates me. It makes me itchy and break out in bumps no matter what its made out of. We’re still going to have rings, but I probably won’t be wearing mine very often due to discomfort. When I’m not, I still want that visible reminder of my husband on my hand.

  3. lali January 24, 2011 at 2:00 am #

    Hi! My husband and I got rings tattooed on our 10th anniversary — this was after we had both outgrown our rings a couple of times and were tired of getting them adjusted. He went on to have a tattoo added for every year we have been married since (its out 24th anniversary in March). After having fainted while getting my ring tattooed, I have left it at that.