Engagement Photos, Five Ways

Not too long ago, the awesome Boston wedding photography firm KLC Photography sent me a selection of engagement photos taken in different locations around the city and MA – and I think they constitute a perfect illustration of the fact that there’s no one right or wrong way to do an engagement portrait session. Locations? Be as serious or as silly as you want to! Indoors or outdoors, your choice. Close ups… action shots… it’s all up to you and the photographer you’ve chosen to work with. (Hint: Share your ideas, but don’t be afraid to take your photog’s recommendations!)

Not everyone has engagement photos taken, of course. But if it’s something you’re planning on checking off your pre-wedding to-do list, have some fun with it like these couples did!

Here’s a future bride and groom at deCordova Sculpture Park, posing on some of the art. It would be tons of fun to run around 35 acres with a photographer. Maybe even a great way to relieve some wedding planning stress!

Here’s a couple kissing on the Charles River esplanade – this is my absolutely favorite of the bunch! I’m sure you and your sweetie could think of *plenty* of places to get your smooch on, no?

Then there’s the couple who posed at Duxbury Beach, in a lifeguard tower! That sounds like a super like a fun idea – especially for the beach fanatic – as long as it’s the off season and no one chases you away.

Or Stanza dei Sigari, an awesome cigar bar in Boston’s North End!

And finally, here’s my second favorite engagement photo in the bunch, taken in Wompatuck State Park in Hingham in weather that looks a lot like what I’ve been seeing out my living room window for the last, oh, hundred years. It just goes to show that you can’t let the weather get in the way when it’s time to meet with your photographer – work with it!

Are you planning to have engagement portraits taken? I didn’t, and I’ve always kind of regretted it because I love great photos – especially when I get to be in them!

Images: KLC Photography

5 Responses to “Engagement Photos, Five Ways”

  1. Toni says:

    One reason I especially love photos like these is that I feel they lend themselves to being printed extra large and hung on the wall in a prominent place since they’re so arty. It’s less “look at the huge photo of me!” and more “look at the huge awesome photo!” I think it’s such a shame when photography gets relegated to albums or Facebook, and love seeing stuff like this hanging up.

  2. @Toni I’d love to see these hanging up, too! But I think people get a little intimidated when it comes to hanging up big photos of themselves – there’s a whole community of people out there who consider photos the lower-class option for wall decor. NOTE: I am NOT one of them. I love family photos, wedding photos, engagement photos, etc. and I love them on walls.

  3. Mf says:

    I understand artsy, but honestly, that first photo from the sculpture park is horrendous. There is very little in terms of focus, the colors are off, and if I were the female in it, I’d request to have it removed from the photogs page!!! It’s so incredibly unflattering. And the final photo, are you kidding!? Can you really even tell that it’s people walking!?!

  4. Mallory says:

    Though single…I love wedding photos! Here’s a photographer that I ADORE from my area. Please browse her blog – her work is just gorgeous!