A Rainbow Wedding Palette Cleanser

Seems there’s a trick or two to pulling off a beautiful rainbow wedding!

Last month, I asked y’all to tell me what you thought of a photo of a rainbow wedding I found on the Tacky Weddings blog, and you mostly agreed with me that there was just too much going on. What, with the rainbowed-out groomsmen and the rainbow dress on the bride. Looking at that, you might think all rainbow weddings look like a bag of Skittles mated with a wedding planner.

But just look at these highlights from a pretty rainbow wedding from Hungary featured on Love & Lavender:

Much nicer, no? And absolutely nothing like the one from last month. (I am especially loving the rainbow wedding cake since I am planning to make La Paloma her very own special rainbow cake like that one for her upcoming birthday!)

2 Responses to “A Rainbow Wedding Palette Cleanser”

  1. Toni says:

    Do you have a link to this specific post on Love & Lavender? I’d love to see more photos.

  2. Oops! Sorry about that, Toni – I meant to link directly to the post. I’ll see if I can find the link.