LOVE/HATE: The Everybody Wants One Edition

When did bridesmaids’ garters become a thing? This is one of those weird wedding accessories that I came across unexpectedly in a shop and had to do a double take. Before you start wondering if you have yet another thing you need to buy before the wedding, know that it’s definitely not a widespread thing. There are a few forum posts here and there about it and a handful of wedding photos that include bridesmaids’ garters on the legs of the ladies. But still, I can find some sources pushing bridesmaids’ garters as something we should all know about.

Have you heard about this? As an ’emergent tradition,’ is your first impression one of love or one of hate? My take is that if you have the money and the time and the inclination to take upskirt shots of yourself in your bridesmaids when you post for photos, then go for it and grab some bridesmaids’ garters (maybe even flask garters). But it does seem kind of silly to give yourself yet another wedding planning to-do when there’s a good chance that very few people will see the result of your efforts.

(Just had to add, how amazing and fun does this pre-wedding outing look? Wish I’d been a part of it!)

8 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The Everybody Wants One Edition”

  1. Nariya says:

    What? No. I mean, if some people want to do it, fine, but that can’t become a new “thing.” I refuse!

  2. Watch out, Nariya! If enough bloggers start posting about it like ‘everyone is doing it’ then brides-to-be will start to think they have to outfit their ‘maids with garters!

  3. Katie says:

    Hate! I refuse to wear a garter myself, let alone have my bridesmaids wear them!

  4. BUPOP says:

    If some people want to do it, fine, but that can’t become a new “thing.”

  5. Toni says:

    What Katie said.

  6. Twistie says:

    You know, in the days leading up to my wedding, I can state categorically that the last thing I wished to concern myself with was the style and extent of the underclothing our attendants wore. If others choose to approach the matter differently, that is up to them, but I most certainly Didn’t Want to Know.

    Also, the three times I was a bridesmaid I was relieved that none of the brides concerned themselves with the question of my undergarments.

    But I have to say I’m in love with Bowie Bride’s public transport choice. Much nicer than those party Hummer busses all the wedding reality shows seem to be hawking, and much more imaginative than a limo. Besides, the photo ops rocked, and the spirit reminded me of the way rural French brides and grooms traditionally lead the entire party to the church.

    Also, I want one of those bouquets.

  7. HATE HATE HATE. I won’t wear one. I absolutely refuse. If anyone asks why, I’ll tell them the history of the stupid thing…maybe that’ll shut ’em up about it. blech.

    History linkage:

  8. Gary says:

    A great idea. Weddings don’t cost enough. We need more stupid ways to spend our money!