Brides and Grooms, Don’t Forget to…

  • ask your caterer to feed your wedding vendors, especially if your reception falls during a mealtime and your vendors will be working all day
  • plan for either a receiving line or to make time to go (as a couple) from table to table to greet each guest
  • look over your wedding dress as soon as you get it to make sure it’s the right one and catch any issues like missing beading or rips
  • designate someone who will do a last-minute once over of your reception venue at the evening’s end for lost property and grab any gifts people brought to the wedding
  • research what you’ll need to do and have ready to make sure that your wedding is actually legal
  • ask your ceremony venue if there is a private place you and your attendants can get ready or if you’ll need to arrive fully done up
  • eat breakfast
  • ask your wedding vendors if they’re willing to do test runs or mock-ups, like a single floral centerpiece to show you what it will look like or a pre-wedding hair style and make-up test run
  • plan for decorations for the wedding cake table
  • work on your personalized vows well in advance of the big day so you don’t feel rushed or get writer’s block
  • remember that in addition to being a bride- or groom-to-be and someone’s honey, you’re also YOU and deserve to make time for yourself in all this

3 Responses to “Brides and Grooms, Don’t Forget to…”

  1. The Jananator says:

    Okay these results are hilarious!!

  2. lazydaisydays says:

    no sunscreen + outdoor wedding = epic sunburn = less-than-fun wedding night…. 🙁

    not that it happened to me or anything like that. nah.

  3. Better than forgetting the penis (if the results are any indication). I guess.

    But really, I have no idea how I did not end up getting sunburned at my wedding, unless I inadvertently used body lotion with sunblock or the subtle sparkles my stylist applied contained sunscreen.