The Bride Eternal!

These are the Salvages, Jeff and Jennifer… and her wedding dress, on their wedding day on Easter Island. The gown is a Maggie Sotero, for those keeping score.

What’s the big deal about her wedding dress? Well, they’ve created a website devoted to it and the many places throughout the world where they’ve had it photographed.

State parks, New Zealand, the Vatican, even a 76ers game:
Jennifer and her wedding dress have travelled the globe. Why? Well, according to the website, One Dress, One Woman, One World:

In a sea of changing places, people, scenery and seasons, the bride eternal and her flowing gown have spanned the globe, bringing out the adventurer, the romantic, the model, the artist, and the dreamer in all of us. Within these pages, you have seen one dress, one woman, one world, and a lifetime of endless possibilities and adventures still to be had.

Okay, I’m down with being happy with your wedding gown. I’m down with traveling the world. I’m down with dreaming of endless possibilities.

I guess I just kind of wonder why she can’t dream in other outfits.


5 Responses to “The Bride Eternal!”

  1. Simple, if she wasn’t doing it in a wedding dress, it would only lead to personal fulfillment, not public notice. It’s all about the angle! (That is, when you have a book idea…)

  2. bridal girl says:

    This is totally cool! Love the second picture of the bride shooting hoops!

  3. Well, that wedding dress was just worn once, and the day it was worn the wearer was the happiest person. And I believe she’s giving the dress a treatment that it’s all worthy about. But I think it’s a very nice idea, like getting married in different places. 🙂

  4. wildflower says:

    She seems quite self-absorbed. But hey, there are definitely worse character flaws than that. I hope she and her new husband are happy!

  5. Nariya says:

    Better than what I’m doing with my wedding dress, which is sitting inert in my closet despite its beauty!