LOVE/HATE: The Sweets for the Sweet Edition

I was totally going to try to prank you – tell you I was getting married again, well, me and The Beard really, because we’re polygamists and we want to be true to ourselves and the world. But then I thought, nah, you’d never believe me because if I was getting married again I’d be showing you 800000 photos of all the things I’d want to include in my polygamist wedding. So instead of a prank, I give you this:


What do you think? Cute or meh?

2 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The Sweets for the Sweet Edition”

  1. sara miller says:

    meh, unless your an avid pez collector i think this would be a pass for a cake topper

  2. … maybe if they didn’t make the Ladypez so homely.