Wedding Inspiration: Ampersands!

Can ampersands be a wedding theme? I kind of like the idea of an ampersand wedding theme – it just fits. Bride & Groom. Bride & Bride. Etc. You & Me. Becoming we. It’s kind of obvious, but it’s definitely cute. Especially for a couple of writers or editors or librarians or whatever. Typesetters, maybe. Sounds like a wedding theme you’re interested in exploring? Here’s some ampersand inspiration!

Big ol' ampersand from The Back Porch Shoppe (Etsy)

From Paper Invitation Cards

Way cool ampersand cufflinks

Awesome and easy idea from Mrs. Frozen Yogurt on Weddingbee

Striking ampersand invites from Oh So Beautiful Paper

Gift tags from Tucker Reece (Etsy)

It strikes me that with all the unfinished wooden ampersands, ampersand stamps, and other coordinating stuff out there, there’s plenty of room for DIYing an ampersand wedding theme!

One Response to “Wedding Inspiration: Ampersands!”

  1. OH WOW! Look at those wedding invitations so cute! And even the photo props! I really wanna get those & cufflinks for my FH 🙂