Wedding Cakes In Ruffles and Pleats

Just a little bit of quickie wedding cake goodness today because I am swampity swamped at the moment. But not too swamped to go looking for some sweet ruffled wedding cakes for you to drool over. Seriously, aren’t these just gorgeous? I love how they take their inspiration from wedding dresses – it’s such a great way to pull a look together, but so unusual at the same time.

What fem wedding cakes are wearing this season

Ruffled wedding cakes via: Inside the Life of the Cake Girl; The Twisted Sifter; Artisan Cakes; Maisie Fantaisie; Nicky Grant

3 Responses to “Wedding Cakes In Ruffles and Pleats”

  1. mkb says:

    The top middle one looks like the mushrooms that grow on trees. Ew.

  2. Risi says:

    And that is why it is my favourite.

  3. Nancy says:

    WOW!!! I look at these and I think … CAAAAAKE!!!