LOVE/HATE: The Naked Lunch Edition

As Patrick Stewart might say: "I can see EVERYTHING"

I’d say this week’s LOVE/HATE is pretty self-explanatory. What we have here is a wedding cake that’s naked, i.e., not wearing any frosting on the outside. Naked wedding cake runs the risk of looking messy-messy, but I think this one’s a winner. Personally, I’d hate to see this catch on, because frosting is my favorite part of the wedding cake, but a naked wedding cake would be cute at a casual or glamorustic wedding.

What do you think? Would you ever let your wedding cake go naked?

4 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: The Naked Lunch Edition”

  1. Toni says:

    I think I’d like it better if the “nakedness” of the layers was the main decoration, with those geometric lines. I think all those flowers and fruit are just making that cake look messy.

    (However, I covet that cake stand.)

  2. The Jananator says:

    I agree with Toni, I think this could look a lot cooler than it does. But I’m also a fiend for frosting, so I’d like to see MORE LAYERS!!

  3. I won’t disagree that it could be leaner and cleaner, ladies, but I do kind of like it as is. To me, it looks like it belongs as a rustic outdoorsy kind of wedding, so the messiness of it could be appropriate to the setting. Just as an aside, I’d caution anyone trying this to be careful what kind of icing is used, lest it drip all down the cake and look yucky.

  4. Alexandria says:

    I love the idea, have since I saw this cake on Martha Stewart Weddings:

    It’s just so cute and simple, and probably exponentially cheaper than a decorated wedding cake. Perfect for a backyard wedding!