When Is a Good Time To Break It Off? Before This Happens.

via Daily Intel

Hey, psst. Guys out there. Well, and gals, too. Anybody who’s having a couple cold feet before the wedding, I’m talking to you. There’s no really good way or time to break things off, but there are times and places that are worse than others.

Wang Lu of Changchun, China chose his time poorly. He waited until the wedding day after the bride was dressed in her finery 80 feet off the ground.

The distraught bride, one Li Wan climbed out on the window ledge in despair and jumped. Luckily, rescue worker Guo Zhongfan was on the spot and managed to grab Li by the neck. Someone in the window below grabbed Li’s feet, and she was saved.

For more dramatic photos of the rescue, follow this link.

On the lighter side of marriage in China this week, two couples married in a cemetery to give extra oomph to the promise to be parted only by death. All four work in the Yong’an Cemetery in Tianjin.

The wedding procession comprised twenty-six cemetery carts specially decorated for the occasion. After the ceremony, the couples planted saplings to represent their hopes for long, happy marriages. As groom Wu Di explained:

“It’s a natural choice for us, as we work here and love this place. All the ancestors lying underneath are our wedding witnesses.”

May the ancestors bless the happy pairs, and may their trees flourish for many, many years.

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