OMG, Another Theme Week? It’s Wedding Photography Week!

It struck me just the other day that we probably don’t talk about wedding photography as much as we could around here. Possibly because we’re not expert wedding photographers – unless Twistie has been keeping secrets from me. Or I’ve been keeping secrets from her and from you. But I haven’t. I’ve just been taking a lot of photographs recently, so photography is on my mind. Wedding photography in particular, of course. And since having a theme for the week makes my life easier and two and two make four, I am declaring this WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY WEEK at Manolo for the Brides!

Now, you don’t have to wait until the actual big day to have some serious wedding photography fun. For the hardcore wedding photography enthusiast, there’s the Chinese practice of taking insane amounts of wedding photos way before the actual wedding. And for the less dedicated among us, there are always engagement photo shoots and photo save-the-dates and photo wedding invitations. Which is what Toni shared with me just the other day, and she was kind enough to say I could share with you. (Uh, in case you missed it, our very own Toni is engaged, so show her some love!)

This is the back

And this is the front (or is that the other way around...)

I love ’em, don’t you?! Toni’s wedding invitation makes me wish The Beard and I had done something with photos of ourselves – even our postcard save-the-dates featured a vintage photo with a dour bride and groom instead of a snapshot of us. Oh, well! That’s why I live vicariously through you lovelies and through all the research I do for this blog. Speaking of, to kick start Wedding Photography Week, I though I’d make a list of some of my favorite posts about wedding photography here at Manolo for the Brides for those who may have missed them the first go around.

Enjoy! (P.S. – I may extend Wedding Photography Week into two weeks, just because there’s plenty to talk about! P.P.S. – Want to share your wedding photos or wedding photos you’ve taken? Email me the best ones, and I’ll post them!)

4 Responses to “OMG, Another Theme Week? It’s Wedding Photography Week!”

  1. Toni says:


    (P.S. we’re dorks. In case you’re wondering, his book is The Silmarillion and mine is The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Omnibus. My wedding ring was designed by Frank Gehry, and his is a white-gold replica of the One Ring.)

  2. Toni says:

    …and because I’m sure that everyone is totally enthralled and curious…

    We actually dated in high school, oh-so many years ago. (We were both in engineering club, naturally.) We broke up when we attended different colleges. We both married other people, and pretty much lost touch for ten years, except for randomly running into each other five years in the middle. We actually had lunch with me, him, his then-wife, and my then-fiance. Fast forward to three years ago, we were both divorced and searching for friends to connect with, and found each other online.

    The rest is history. Life is strange, isn’t it?

    Since you made it though this entire thing, I’ll reward you with an awesome photo of the two of us in high school.

  3. wildflower says:

    I LOVE your e and pi T-shirts!

  4. The Jananator says:

    Super cute!