Can Someone Tell Me What the Deal Is With Weird Wedding Photoshops?

…I guess the first half of Wedding Photography Week is dealing mainly with silliness!

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that my favorite style of wedding photography is wedding photojournalism. Given a choice, I’d rather see gritty, real wedding photos with brides and grooms who look like themselves. Best case scenario? I’m looking at action shots or spontaneous that give me a pretty clear idea of the kind of wedding ceremony and reception you had and how the day really looked and felt. Posed wedding photographs? Eh, nice in a frame on the wall, but not the kind of thing I want to flip through. For serious – on a table in my house you’ll find both my traditional wedding album and my photojournalistic wedding album. Guess which one I look at more often?

BUT given a third choice, I’d much rather look at either traditional wedding photos or photojournalistic photos than I would weird photoshopped wedding photos featuring, well, this sort of thing:

I think I need a drink...

And this sort of thing:

A la Harry Potter, they yell at you when you don't sign in.

The groom has someone special on his mind.

That's one huge box (or one tiny couple).

A double wedding, pixies and giant ghosts.

What’s the takeaway here? The main one should be that part of choosing a wedding photographer is deciding whether or not you like how they edit the photos they take. Maybe you’d prefer to have the raw images to edit yourself – make that clear. Or if you’d rather have your wedding photos hit with some color correction and blemish removal, choose a wedding photographer who does that. And finally, if your dream wedding portrait involves a tiny you standing in the outstretched hands of your new spouse under a giant sparkly iPhone with an image of you two kissing hovering in midair, then make sure that’s the kind of thing your wedding photographer does.

3 Responses to “Can Someone Tell Me What the Deal Is With Weird Wedding Photoshops?”

  1. The Jananator says:

    WHOA. What is WRONG with people? Drink us… we’re in a box… we’re huge! LOL!

  2. La Petite Acadienne says:

    Yeah, that’s when you want to pat the photographer on the head and say, “Okay dear. You know how to use Photoshop. We get it.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    I don’t shoot weddings but I do use a camera every now and then. With no dog in the fight, I have no reservations about telling a bride-to-be, or even the groom, what sucks and what doesn’t.

    Yes, I know grooms allegedly don’t care about such things, but what the hell, let’s shatter another stereotype while we’re at it.

    Guys like Jose Villa and Joseph Prezioso (who is based in Boston, I believe) do it right: pastel colors, honest moments, no computer-y cheese added. The fact that both are film shooters has a lot to do with the natural look of their photos. Not to mention, they’re both very talented at what they do.

    Of course, such photos come at a price, and not everyone can afford such a level of service. But why pay a keyboard jockey who just uses a camera as a file capture device for some Photoshopped nonsense? Hint: Time spent editing images IS billable time. If I have to sit there and fuss over 500 images, you better believe I’m not doing it out of the goodness of my heart.