Are You Nervous About Your Wedding Photos?

In today’s continuation of Wedding Photography Week, I thought I might address nerves. Most of us haven’t been schooled by our handlers in the fine art of mugging for the paparazzi because most of us haven’t spent all that much time being shadowed by professional photographers. Consequently, some brides and grooms find the notion of being followed around for six or more hours by hired photographers slightly disconcerting. And that’s on top of the usual worries that many people have about looking not quite right – or worse, just plain wrong – in photographs.

By Chris Hanley Photography

For some, the answer is to grin and bear it. For others, it’s to duck their photographer for as much of the wedding as possible. Others try to pose every time they see the photographer’s lens and end up looking awkward as a result. And still others do nothing, but spend what seems like the rest of their lives groaning over wedding photos they feel do not do them justice. (I was in the latter two camps, but I later assembled a wonderful album full of truly candid shots and reconciled myself to the fact that this is just what I look like.) With all this in mind, I’m curious to know what you’re doing or what you did to prepare for your wedding photos and whether you’re feeling nervous about your wedding photos in general.

Oh, other things I want to know: Do you like how you look in most photos? (I sure don’t like how I photograph!) Did you choose your wedding photographer based on her or his ability to make regular folks look amazing? (I sure wish I had!)

4 Responses to “Are You Nervous About Your Wedding Photos?”

  1. The Jananator says:

    Your best bet is choosing an awesome photographer, I think. Nothing people do before the wedding will beat that!

  2. shel says:

    We didn’t hire a photographer – family/friends took plenty of shots at the ceremony and party that were fine. Some even shared their pictures with us 😉

  3. I hate how I photograph. (The bigger issue, I suppose) is that I just don’t like how I look.) There are two photos of me that I like: my second-grade school photo, even though I am wearing a brown vinyl jumper over a mustard turtleneck (mustard does me no favors) and my Tennessee driver license photo.

    The only reason I had a photographer at my wedding was because it was my mother and I did it to make her happy. She, bless her heart, however, is the most annoying photographer in the world because she takes FOREVER to compose and take a shot, so in every photo, I have this pained, is this over yet? expression on my face.

  4. @shel You lucked out! I ended up liking the photos taken by friends and family more than the photos taken by our wedding photographer in most cases, but it could have easily gone the other way. I’m glad it happened the way it did, but I wouldn’t have been confident enough to bank on it.

    @class factotum DITTO. Er, about how I look, not about how you look. I don’t know what it is, but I swear I look weird or like not quite human (at least when using others as a reference point) in photos. I have a few from my wedding that I like and just a handful of others. I am usually the one behind the camera as a result. As for the lengthy shot composition, that usually ends up with just the express you’re describing on everyone’s faces. Candid is so much better, IMO.