Wondering What to Eat at Your Picnic Wedding Reception?

I have written about picnic weddings at least once before, and I still think they are a daring and laid back choice for brides and grooms who don’t mind getting down on the ground in all their nuptial finery. A picnic wedding reception can be romantic and fun, lighthearted, and even a bit daring since it falls well outside of the realm of the norm. The question, of course, is what to do about refreshments. Now, just because you’re sitting on blankets and pillows piled on the grass doesn’t mean your guests have to much on sandwiches (though that’s all right, too). I’ve heard tell of caterers that have a picnic wedding reception meal option – complete with picnic baskets – though this is certainly one of those wedding reception meals that can be DIYed to some degree, from making all the food and putting together baskets solo to letting wedding guests pack their own, provided you have help from a few loved ones.

Find tons of vintage baskets that you can keep or give away, like Dani from Hello, Friend

Let wedding guests arrange themselves - from Rebecca and Derek's wedding via Martha Stewart

Even easier, have guests put together their own baskets a la Ashley of of Ashley Brooke Designs

The picnic wedding reception meal is just one of those ideas that I think not enough couples consider when planning a wedding. Especially all the brides and grooms getting married in parks – and really, parks and picnic weddings seem to go together like ceremonies and receptions, no? Of course, maybe I’m looking at this too much from the perspective of the brides and grooms. What would you, as a wedding guest, think of being asked to sit on a sheet on the ground, out of doors with the sun and the buggies, at a wedding reception?

4 Responses to “Wondering What to Eat at Your Picnic Wedding Reception?”

  1. Toni says:

    I think it would be polite to include at least a few picnic tables, and also to forewarn people on the invite. What about the women who wore shorter skirts? Or the older crowd with bad knees?

    I think this is one of those “lovely in theory, but tricky in reality” types of ideas.

  2. The Jananator says:

    Super agree with Toni! Not everyone has the ability, etc. to get down on a blanket, as nice as a picnic might be in theory. But I also have to say the photos are very cute. If you can pull it off, small wedding where you know everyone’s limits, then go for it.

  3. Twistie says:

    As you may know, Mr. Twistie and I did have a sort of picnic reception at our lovely wedding in the woods. The site included picnic tables and benches, so nobody had to sit on the ground. That worked out perfectly for us. We served picnic foods in a laid-back way at a rustic place of beauty, but nobody had to worry about finding a decorous way to sit on the ground in a Very Short Skirt or how to leverage themselves back into an upright position if their knees weren’t the best.

    So yes, I am whole-heartedly in favor of picnic receptions… so long as physical limitations are taken into consideration.

    I have to say, though, that I love the idea of giving people picnic baskets. Part of me wishes I had thought of it, but part of me is glad that with a crowd with such varied tastes and food issues we opted for a simple buffet with lots of options for customization.

  4. Nick Bell says:

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