Now’s Your Chance: Ask NtB Anything

It has been an extra super rough month at my house, with everyone getting sick over and over, lots of late nights for The Beard and thus for me, and plenty of toddler tantrums, plus prepping for travel and then actual travel. In fact, I’m writing this from the distant past, and when you read it, I’ll be not in my normal home base of the northeastern U.S., but rather in my maternal family’s home base of northern Germany. How’s that for a change? If you’ve been thinking my posts have been light on text and light on photos, now you know why. Today’s post? No exception. Things are actually going to get lighter here in the hope that things will get heavier in the comments. Perhaps I should explain myself.

Ever wonder about me? Here’s me:

This is Christa aka Never teh Bride. Now you know.

Since I am always curious about my favorite bloggers, I thought that some of you might be curious about me. That is, if I may be so presumptuous. Bride blogging and blogging about weddings tends to focus on the outward, not the inward, so I’m usually not writing about myself and my own. But that’s going to change, at least in one upcoming post, because I’m opening myself up to YOUR QUESTIONS. Anything you’re curious about. How I got into blogging, for example. How I started making money doing it. Why I call The Beard “The Beard”. Writing a book. My dress size, favorite ice cream flavor, or how many cups of coffee I drink in a day. Or go the other way, and hit me with some wedding planning doozies.

What’s off limits? Pretty much nothing that falls outside of the underpants and bedroom zone. No kidding – I’m sure you can figure out a way to drag me into TMI territory. (It’s really not that hard.)

Go ahead, ask me your questions and I’ll tell you no lies! I figure I’ll keep comments open until the 25th or so, by which time I’ll be back in the US and surely in a open and earnest kind of mood. Look for the follow up sometime around then!

7 Responses to “Now’s Your Chance: Ask NtB Anything”

  1. Auntie M says:

    So the last time I saw you was in NYC with a bunch of drunken nuts. I’m so glad to have reconnected, and I’m glad you asked us to ask. I’ve been wondering: How *did* Genus become NtB and a wedding expert?

  2. Jen says:

    Do you think there’s any way to plan a $5,000 wedding any more? Even small numbers doing things on the fly, it’s only seeming doable if we do it at the court house and go directly home for bologna sammies afterward. Am I being unrealistic?

    ALSO: What’s your favorite color? Just ’cause I wanted to throw an easy one in there after that doozy.

    Ooh! And: what’s your dream honeymoon locale?

  3. Twistie says:

    Okay, I’ll bite: how many cups of coffee do you drink in an average day? Regular Joe, Rocket Fuel, or the Dreaded Unleaded? Cream? Sugar? Unleaded sweetener? Black like the remnants of my tattered soul?

    What? I’m a Virgo! I’m all about the details.

  4. casablanca says:

    I have always wondered why you call him The Beard. I certainly have my suspicions, but I’d like to know the real reason. Also, is Paloma a family name because it is beautiful. I really like it.

  5. marvel says:

    What’s your parenting style? What do you want most for your daughter as she grows up? How will you help her achieve it?

  6. Victor says:

    How many pairs of shoes and boots are in your closet?

  7. Uncle Fester says:

    If you are driving your car at the speed of light and you turn on the headlights, what happens? How old should a highway be before you tell it that it’s adopted?