A New Dawn for Equality

Hey folks, I’m back! The last couple of weeks, I’ve had some technical difficulties, but the Manolo has fixed them and here I am again. Let’s all give the Manolo a big round of applause!


These two lovely, smiling ladies are Kitty Lambert and Cheryle Rudd. After more than ten years together, they became the first New York same-sex couple to be married just seconds past midnight, this very early morning.

The ceremony, held at Niagra Falls, was timed carefully so that their vows would happen at the first possible moment they could be legal. And for the first time ever, the falls were lit in rainbow colors.

Several hundred friends, family members, and even some of the lawmakers whose votes made the moment possible were in attendance as the couple took their vows. The ceremony was performed by Mayor Paul Dyster, and a state supreme court justice was on hand to waive the usual twenty-four hour waiting period for couples issued a marriage license. The same waiver has been granted to a number of other same-sex couples for this day.

Yeah, I think most of them have had to wait long enough.

Congratulations, Kitty and Cheryle! Congratulations to all the happy couples taking their vows in New York this week!

May you all have long, happy, fulfilling marriages.

2 Responses to “A New Dawn for Equality”

  1. dr nic says:

    FYI – It was Paul Dyster who arranged (and paid for) the Falls to be lit in a rainbow as a gift to the couple.

  2. Twistie says:

    Thanks for the additional info, dr. nic! I didn’t know about that.