A Cheap and Easy to Find Cake Topper for the Casual-ish Wedding

Did you know that I made my mom’s wedding cake? Well I did. And though it most definitely looked like a homemade wedding cake I was pretty proud of it. When it came time to choose a wedding cake topper, I was stumped. My mom and her then girlfriend now wife are extremely classy people so popping two plastic brides on their cake and calling it a day was not going to cut the mustard. Oh, did I mention that I was also their wedding planner? Eventually, since theirs was going to be a semi-formal backyard affair with lots of fun little rustic touches, I settled on custom spoon garden markers from Monkeys Always Look.

(I am still waiting for copies of my mom's wedding photos, hint hint!)

Turned out, they were just right for a backyard semi-formal faux rustic wedding that was only attended by 10 people and involved a dinner reception at a restaurant in Salem, MA in October. With cake first, of course. And the brides loved them – I’d been almost hoping to score one as a keepsake for me, but there were two spoons and two brides so what can you do, right?

Also from Monkeys Always Look!

And another, from Etsy seller jessicaNdesigns

There is definitely no shortage of people stamping spoons out there, and since the spoons are usually thrifted or vintage or found silverware, you’re going to spend a lot less on a wedding cake topper made of spoons than you will on most other cake toppers. Are you having a semi-formal faux rustic backyard wedding? Would spoons work for you, do you think?

3 Responses to “A Cheap and Easy to Find Cake Topper for the Casual-ish Wedding”

  1. The Jananator says:

    Love this idea. Seems to me you could hang them later or do something in a 3d frame as is popular nowadays. Nice keepsake.

  2. This idea looks good, but I think it probably depends on the style of your cake.

    Definitely something you could frame and keep to show people in later years.

  3. Oh, absolutely, Sarah! On a really fussy wedding cake, these wouldn’t work at all. But on something simple – and, er, homemade looking, like the one I made – they work beautifully!