A Little Taste of the Inmaculada García 2012 Bridal Collection

Hi, all! Just thought I’d pop by because I was so inspired by the Inmaculada García 2012 bridal collection that I just had to share. What really struck me about it is how different all of the wedding dresses in the collection are – sure, there’s the usual ration of strapless wedding dresses to wedding dresses with sleeves (and detailing that resembles sleeves), but there are also all kinds of neat things like amazing brooches, botanical embellishments, wide almost stringy netting, and more. Yet I wouldn’t call this collection quirky so much as I would call it pretty. Inmaculada García’s 2012 bridal collection isn’t for everyone, I think, but if you’re a bride who’s looking for something a little different but still beautiful and feminine, it might just be for you!

Francoise features a really stunning and definitely different brooch just under the bust

Rousse has an absolutely fascinating double hem and botanical overlay on the bodice

Marie has a beautiful structured collar and a fab long sash

Lara has a sweet crochet overlay and a demure high collar

Coco has a beautiful garden of fabric roses at the hem

Claudine has an awesome high waist skirt look and a botanical overlay on the bust

Susan has a distinctive net overlay and cool botanical detailing at the belt, neck, and back

7 Responses to “A Little Taste of the Inmaculada García 2012 Bridal Collection”

  1. MoTB says:

    Francois dress is gorgeous. I am not that fond of the top half, or the brooch for that matter, but the way the skirt ruffles so delicately is breath-taking. Basically, I love this dress from the waist down, not too wild about the top half, in my mind it doesn’t really go together.

  2. Tanya says:

    All these wedding dresses are beautiful, any bride would be lucky to find herself in one of these creations.

  3. Srockard says:

    Such a stunning collection, especially dress number 5 from the the top.

  4. Jasmine says:

    Lovely dresses! Thanks for sharing!

  5. DJ Chester says:

    Outstanding and gorgeous collection. I like the first dress most for excellent design.

  6. So pretty! I see the higher necklines and sleeves (in sheer fabrics) making their appearance once more . . .

  7. Gosh, all these gowns are gorgeous! But I would pick the Lara with sweet crochet overlay. The overlay is so lovely! 🙂