LOVE/HATE: Having It Both Ways

Goodness knows I’ve long wanted an end to the tyrannic reign of strapless wedding gowns. Not that I want all strapless gowns to simply disappear. It’s just that I’ve wanted choices for those who would like another option or three.

And things have changed. Spaghetti straps and halter necklines are now becoming pretty common. But what about this?

One side is strapless… and the other has a long sleeve.

I find myself kind of wishing this dress would make up its mind. It’s not horrible, but it comes across to me as somewhat wishy-washy. I know this sort of look comes along every once in a blue moon in the world of fashion… but I mostly consider it indecisive. I can’t work up the passion to actually hate it, but I certainly don’t love.

How about you? Is this a yea or a nay in your book?

3 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: Having It Both Ways”

  1. Nariya says:

    It’s a bit toga-esque and could even go into costume-land, but I think it could be beautiful on a bride with the right style.

  2. SarahDances says:

    Especially with the way they’ve styled the model, it has a very retro look to it. Reminds me of that Valentino dress Jackie Kennedy wore, a reproduction of which was worn by Jennifer Lopez a few years back. You know, minty green, one sleeve, very drapey?

  3. Victor says:

    Nay in my book because it is rather costumey, as Nariya said.