Quickie Question: Theme Weddings, Yea or Nay?

(Photo via New England Fine Living)
Okay, so theme weddings are not for everyone. I know they’re controversial, too. And of course not all theme weddings are created alike. For every fabulous Midsummer Nights’ Dream inspiration, such as the picture shown above… there’s a really scary Hello Kitty wedding, like this one:
(Photo via GadgetHer)

And then there are the ones that start out just fine, except that the theme is never fully embraced, leaving the whole thing looking a little odd and sad, like this:
(Photo via About.com)

After all, if the bride and groom don’t get into the spirit of the theme… where’s the point? I can only tell this is a piratical wedding because there’s a really bad Johnny Depp impersonator squatting on the faux railing of the faux ship against a faux battlement. If you’re going to do pirates, do pirates, say I. You know, like this couple:
(Photo via Wedding Photography Directory)

My feeling on the subject? Theme weddings aren’t for everyone. But if there’s a subject dear to your heart (pirates, superheroes, Star Trek, fairy tales, or whatever) and you’re willing to take it to eleven… then go for it. The people who love you best will understand, and quite probably play along.

If, on the other hand, you aren’t willing to go for broke with the theme, don’t bother having one. And if you think you want a pirate wedding because pirates are hot right now? I’d give it a pass. If you didn’t love pirates before Johnny Depp made them extra cool, and you won’t love them once Captain Jack Sparrow hangs up his tricorn, then it’s not really a theme that means something to you. I would never, ever advise someone to use a theme that isn’t deeply important to both parties on a bone-deep level.

So that’s my thought on the subject. How about all of you? How do you feel about theme weddings? Love them? Hate them? You tell me.

4 Responses to “Quickie Question: Theme Weddings, Yea or Nay?”

  1. Definitely “nay” for me. I mean, as much as I would have enjoyed a “Footloose” themed wedding, one of our top priorities was making sure guests had a great time, and I don’t think that forcing my favorite 80s dance movie down their throats was a good way to accomplish that. And let’s not get into the barn-dance themed wedding (complete with square dance instructor and bales of hay) suggested by 3 of my husband’s sisters.

    All that said…I’d totally love to *attend* a themed wedding!

  2. It’s a nay for me as well. Its an important day, I’d like it to be perfect!

  3. Whatever floats your boat, I say (especially if you’re going with a pirate theme). Weddings can be whatever you want so long as you’ve got love at the centre the rest is just so much fluff to be enjoyed anyway you like.

  4. Ripley says:

    I think it works only if you are passionate about something, and everybody knows it. My brother had to stand up in a Renaissance-themed wedding when neither the bride or groom had ever shown any interest in Renaissance fairs or history or anything similar.