Quickie Question: What’s Your Nightmare?

(Illustration via Brides.com)
I have to admit, when my wedding came along the only thing I could imagine would be a nightmare for me about it was if something happened to stop the wedding itself, if I suddenly couldn’t be married to Mr. Twistie.

Even the fact that I didn’t get my wedding gown (entirely custom made) delivered to me until the night before the wedding didn’t faze me. I decided three days before the wedding that if it didn’t get finished in time, I would just race down to the mall the morning of the wedding, buy the first whiteish, longish dress I found that fit reasonably, and get married in that.

I was, however, a little concerned two weeks before the wedding when we had a sudden spate of rain showers. I was getting married out of doors and had no backup plan. I finally told myself that if it rained the day before or looked like rain that day… well, we would just get in contact with everyone we could and hold the wedding at my father’s and my house.

In short, no matter what I utterly refused to believe a disaster would be a disaster if that day wound up with me married to Mr. Twistie.

But I know not everyone can be that zen about things. There are issues that really do matter, even if you try to tell yourself they aren’t the most important ones.

So I’m curious: what would be/would have been your worst wedding nightmare? What do/did you fear might go wrong?

Tell me all about it, folks!

2 Responses to “Quickie Question: What’s Your Nightmare?”

  1. I had several nightmares before, and even after my wedding! I guess my big source of stress was just the fact of being center of attention in a crowd of 200 people — I am so self conscious being the center of attention, and all my nightmares revolved around something going wrong which would cause everyone to hate me. I also once dreamed that Kate Middleton and Prince William had booked their royal wedding at our tiny Methodist church (in Omaha!) the same day as us. …Don’t know where that one came from. 🙂

  2. Twistie says:

    I hear you on that. I feel that I was kind of lucky in that Mr. Twistie and I both had a background in live performance when we married (I used to do a lot of amateur theater and he’s got a rock band), so facing a crowd (and ours was less than a hundred) wasn’t a big problem for us. But I do have a brother who needed a couple stiff shots of single malt to make it to the altar purely due to stage fright.

    As for the Kate and William dream… too much double anchovy pizza at bedtime?