Quickie Question: What Would Make it Perfect?

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Okay, so yesterday I asked you all what would have utterly ruined your wedding. But we’ve talked quite a bit about things going wrong, disasters, etc. of late. But this week is all about thankfulness and positive thinking, isn’t it?

And so I thought I would ask you all what single detail beyond the fact you get hitched would make your wedding perfect? And for all you old married ladies like myself, what happened that really made the day for you?

For me, it was a moment with my father. As a child he’d played the violin in a classical quartet. Then he gave up playing for decades. Oh, he loved music. There was always music in the house. He and my mother loved going to the opera together, and Dad was always looking for a better recording of his beloved Beethoven. But he didn’t play, anymore.

That is until one day when we were at a party with a bunch of musicians, and one fiddler asked him to hold her instrument while she popped into another room for a minute… and he put her fiddle under his chin and began to play. No fanfare, no warning. Just all of a sudden, he was making music again for the first time in about fifty years.

After that, he pulled down his old fiddle, restrung it, and began to teach himself new music.

Well, on my wedding day a couple years later, he brought along his fiddle and played a couple tunes with the band. Even just typing this out, I’m choking up at the memory of my father making music at my wedding to a musician. At the time, Mr. Twistie just pulled me a little closer and handed me a hankie. It was the only time that entire day that I cried, and the tears were pure joy.

So what’s your wedding dream or wedding memory that makes everything worthwhile?

3 Responses to “Quickie Question: What Would Make it Perfect?”

  1. My dream is that my whole family will be present, they are away from my hometown and to have my brother walk me down the isle would make a perfect wedding for me

  2. Katie says:

    Having my younger brother (and his partner) come and join my older brother in walking me down the aisle would have meant a lot. And remembering to get more pictures of the nieces and nephews all dressed up.

  3. Carol says:

    My sons walked me down the aisle as Mr. Carol’s goddaughter played the clarinet and my long-time friend/choir director sang Handel, with my sister and his eldest son standing up for us. Perfectly combined our worlds at that moment – family, extended family, music, all our friends gathered together in our church.