Birds of a Feather

I have to admit that most of the time I’m not that interested in cake toppers. It’s not that I object… just I don’t usually get the fuss or the interest. For me the cake is more interesting than the decoration in general and the topper in particular. What? I’m all about what’s on the inside, you know.

Still, every twice in a while I do see a cake topper that sets me all a-twitter with delight. The one above does just that. I mean how adorable is it to see a love bird wearing a bird cage veil? Love!

These birdies and many more of a similar ilk, as well as some delightful penguins, charmingly funky owls, and yes, even some quite pretty people, can be found at the store of etsy artist Red Light Studio. They start at roughly $100 and go up from there, and are custom designed for the couple in question.

If you’re looking for a fun way to top your cake, why not take flight and check out their gallery?

One Response to “Birds of a Feather”

  1. TOO CUTE! I love them so much I just want them and maybe even a little nest for them to lie in together! Awww! <3