LOVE/HATE: Architechtural Meets Ballerina

Okay, folks, what think you of this gown (named Parker) from Amsale’s Fall 2012 collection?

For my part, I find it rather confused. The bodice is satin with the currently trendy one-strap look and a geometrical crumb catcher. It hits nearly every major trend except for lace.

Then the skirt is simply a huge pouf of tulle.

I think how it really strikes me is unfinished. The lines, while not my personal faves, aren’t awful by any means. Each part has the potential to be kind of amazing… but there’s nothing holding this design together. Perhaps I would like it better if there were some form of embellishment that was used on both parts. Then again, I don’t think a major statement bodice like that can really use embellishing. I think what it needs is a different skirt. And an etherial skirt like that never looks quite right to my eyes with a highly structured bodice, so I think it needs a softer, more romantic top.

In short, I find this a little scattered, with each half having great potential if paired with something that suits it better. I have to go with hate on this.

What say all of you?

3 Responses to “LOVE/HATE: Architechtural Meets Ballerina”

  1. I like the concept as well, but it is too simple for me. It does give the impression that this is more a project than a finished product. However, I can picture some of my friends wearing this for their wedding. I guess it´s a matter of personal opinion.

  2. Katie says:

    It feels unbalanced to me. The bodice gives the effect of being high waisted, though it isn’t really, and the tulle should really be a full skirt, though that isn’t either. Together, it just isn’t quite right… A lower waist and a fuller (and maybe stiffer, though still tulle) skirt, might just carry it off.

  3. Love it! I love the soft and structured, like yin and yang, like wearing boyfriend jeans with a soft girly top. Thanks for sharing this!