LOVE/HATE: It’s Not Easy Being Green

My eyes don’t even know quite where to go on this one. Do I focus on the strips of colored… I think it might be lace? hanging down diagonally yet limply from the various layers of the dress? If so, do I watch the ones going left or right? Should I focus on the heinous belt? Or maybe the funky little hat consisting of a blue fabric rose and a sad peacock feather?

I can guarantee one thing: make your friends wear this and they will drink themselves under the tables to forget they ever knew you.

In short: HATE!

One Response to “LOVE/HATE: It’s Not Easy Being Green”

  1. Amber says:

    I feel like this dress could have potential if it just picked one secondary aspect. The cut of the dress is ok and I’ve liked other similar cut dresses, but you’ve got at least 2 maybe 3 additional patterns, plus the totally un-matchy accessory.

    If all the inset bits were a single color and the accessory and belt matched that, I could see liking that. As it stands, No.